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Purpose built loyalty for fitness, sports and lifestyle brands.

On average 86% of customers drop off from loyalty. But it's even harder for brands that need to retain customers over long time periods with larger, less frequent transactions. Drop Station solves the loyalty funnel by adding more value at each step to maximize sign ups and lifetime spend.

Drop Station creates cutting edge interactive digital memberships for teams and leagues.

New value

How it works.

Embed a simple pop up designed to maximize lifetime spend.

Select your digital membership tiers

Nurture new customers by offering more value upfront to win their attention.

Integrate with your app, ticket platform and website.

Offer a much more immersive content and engagement experience than newsletter and drip campaigns.

Fans earn points and rewards for engaging.

Integrates with all online platforms

Easily integrates with your sports app and favorite website builder
With Drop Station you can easily set up and manage your membership through your brands management area.

Monetize global fans with digital memberships.

Bring customers together around your brands purpose and give them a fun way to earn a strong voice in your community.

Increase returners with rewards and challenges.

Reward customers by letting fans get closer to the action and connect with their local tribes as you build a new version of localized fandom.

Grow super fans with sub-communities.

Drop Station is a separate experience you can easily integrate. So you have the choice to test it on top of your loyalty system or make it a new rewards area.

Options available with APIs and mobile SDKs

Use a suite of APIs tailored to build a thriving community. Our robust APIs will unlock amazing experiences for your users while giving you all the tools you need to build unique community driven experiences.

Powerful APIs

Customized pre-built templates

Sports Franchises

Lifestyle Brands

Go beyond treating fans like transactions. Build a community.

To excite consumers long-term, brands must invest in exclusive offerings with more emotional resonance, such as access to personalized experiences or members-only content. Additionally, brand affinity and experiential benefits are more important factors in driving subscriber retention than the hard-value benefits that led them to sign up. McKinsey Report, October 2020

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