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Giveaways and contests captivate fans while capturing more email addresses with just a few clicks.

How it works

3 easy steps

1. Announce contests and giveaways on your Podcast

Announce you'll be giving away contests and rewards in your bio to incentivize listeners to share & engage.

Choose from a wide range of rewards to offer listeneers

2. Direct listeners to your rewards webpage

Customize your own branded show rewards page and collect listener emails with every sign up for future monetization opportunities.

3. Watch your listeners engage and help you grow

Use proven loyalty incentives to create ongoing sustainable listener growth with ease.

Contest winners are automatically selected making management seamless

Simply set your reward end date and Drop Station sends out rewards to listeners when a reward is closed. It's that easy.

It's simple. And it works

Get the tools you need to grow listeners numbers and build your thriving community.
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Case Study

"DropStation has been one of our most engaging product launches since the club returned to the English Premier League."

Richard Pepper, Head of Digital
Wolverhampton Wonderers

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